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Sunday, May 21, 2017

The New York Times shared "Trump to Reach Out to Muslim World After Harsh Campaign Rhetoric"

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Here are all the winners from the Billboard Music Awards
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@BlueFlycorey, check out the BBMAs Magenta Carpet, LIVE

BBMAs Magenta Carpet, live from the moon.
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OK, the venue's an arena in Vegas. But next year...
This live event before the Billboard Music Awards always goes off-script, which is why it's fun. You know that each mega-artist in pop, country, and hip-hop will be hitting that magenta carpet excited about going home with a win. Which stars will we talk to? We can't know—any more than we know that Cher is receiving an Icon Award. (Well, we actually do know that). But we won't know what she's wearing until we see her on that carpet. That's a big must-see.
Sunday, May 21, 3pm PT | 6pm ET
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